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Our experts are listed on this website to help CPA firms and individual CPA’s find support for issues with A&A and related challenges.

Mark Dauberman, CPA
CPA Partner for Hire, CPA of-council
Mark’s services are for CPA firms with about 10-25 professionals.
While many CPA firms already have quality CPA partners and quality control, there are times that additional expertise is needed. By using Mark’s services you have an on-call partner as if he was a permanent part of the firm.

When contracting with Mark you may be seeking assistance in some or all of these areas:

  • Financial Statement Review
    • Do the statements comply with all the applicable standards?
  • Workpaper review
    • Review of work performed
  • Assist with audit planning
    • Add fresh input to brainstorming
  • Assist the firm is creating efficient, yet compliant, workpapers
    • Eliminating unnecessary audit procedures
  • Creating firm or technical standards
    • To be integrated into the workpapers, when appropriate
  • Effective footnote writing, save time
    • Cut-out unnecessary or excessive wording
  • On-call research
    • Submit your research memo for review and comments
  • Peer review consulting
    • Assistance with peer review preparation
    • Are you auditing for peer review?

The services contracted for are unique to your firm which may include all or only some of the above or other services requested by you.

Contact Mark: