We are in our fourth year of presenting webinars, we are beginning our second year with COVID-19 webinars, our seventh year under the AEI name and 35th year in presenting live, and now virtual, educational events.

Here’s a summary of our webinar formats today (2021 and forward):

Most of our webinars are two hours in length. Why two hours? First, our busy schedules make it hard to commit to more time especially when the webinar may be two-to-four weeks in the future. Who knows what work crisis will arise after today? Additionally, we find that two hours is about the limit on concentration and focus.

We are currently not doing eight hour/all day webinars for the reasons mentioned above.

Some Excel topics may stretch into three hours.

New in 2021-One hour and hour and half Excel sessions . These will tackle just one or two Excel topics with a focused presentation to get you  started with the basics, yet hitting the high points and presented with real world scenarios. A lot will be packed in. The data file(s) used in the presentation will be available for download. These will qualify for 1 or 1.5 hours of CPE.

New in 2021-Nano sessions. By definition, these are very short presentations in increments of six minutes. Most of these nano webinars will be 10-30 minutes in length; each webinar will state the estimated length. While a certificate of attendance will be issued, the session will most likely not qualify CPE hours for organizations like IMA, IIA, AFWA, and others, or the California State Board of Accountancy as they typically require a minimum of 1 hour (50 minutes).

Currently our A&A, Fraud, & Internal Control topics are planned at two hours.

Our Professional and Personal Development topics are usually 1 – 1 1/2 hours.

Quick summary:
Two hour webinars-our staple (with some at 1 1/2 hours)
Three hour webinars-some topics need more time
Eight hour webinars-not planned in the short term.
One hour webinars-Focused and hard hitting
Nano sessions-quick and to the point. More focused learning event.