Privacy and Related Privacy Issues Related to Your Personal Information-Overall Policy

Your information is never sold or shared with anyone outside Accounting Education Institute. Event sponsors, if any, and others many times request this information. We do not share this with them, nor have we ever in the past. Some live events are presented by Accounting Day. See the privacy and policies on their website.

Payments by Credit Card

We use WePay as our processor and, as such, have no access to your credit card information.

Email Marketing

We do substantially all of our marketing with web-based tools including email services.  The services, currently Amazon Web Services (AWS) are very secure and, in our opinion, little or no risk of breach.  The only information stored is First and Last Name, Company Name and email address.  You may receive additional email messages for upcoming events or follow-up from a past event. You can always unsubscribe from our mailing list, by clicking on Unsubscribe. You can also unsubscribe by including unsubscribe as the topic in a Reply email.


Registering and paying for Accounting Education Institute webinars or other events creates a registration record in our online database maintained by RegFox.  The information stored is First and Last Name, Company Name and email address.  Current year registrations are also kept on Microsoft SharePoint with the One Drive interface.

Refund Policy

Cancellations can be made at any time up to 5pm two working day before the Accounting Education Institute webinar or event and full credit will usually be issued immediately, but no later than 72 hours and we’ll notify you when the credit has been issued. While we issue your refund timely, depending on your credit card company, refunds can take between 2-5 business days to be reflected on your payment card account.

Marketing and Attendee Database

The event and attendee information is added to our database which is stored online in the ShareFile/Citrix server.

CPE Record Keeping

Included in the database mentioned above, is information related to CPE record keeping. Additional information stored are the sessions you attended and your sign-in record.

Participation Organizations

We may provide your participation organization your name as attending an Accounting Education Institute event. Only the name is provided.  This is to allow you and the organization to obtain credit for participating or attending.

Photography and Video at a live Accounting Education Institute

For live events we may take pictures during the event that may be later used in promoting other events. Names are never tagged to a photo. Video clips may also be taken. Most of these will be short clips of the speaker and people in the session room. If you see a photo or video being taken that you wish to not be used, simply state that to the photographer and it will be deleted on the spot.  You may encounter a staff member requesting you to comment about the event (and the fun you are having and describing what a great event you are attending 😊). You are under no obligation to participate, with or without video.

For webinars or other web based events no recording of individuals or their names occurs.

In Summary

The only information we store is directly related to your attendance and/or for notifying you of upcoming events.  Credit Card information is not stored by us. Database, registration or attendee information is all store in a secured environment and never sold or shared outside of Accounting Education Institute.

Mobile App-For Live Events

Your registration for the current year is made available in our mobile app. Your name and company only is available to all other attendee, speakers, and exhibitors. They may communicate with you directly via the app. You have no obligation to reply. If you choose to communicate with them, you then do so, which opens the channel for communication only.  Releasing your email address or other information is always 100% optional on your part. In the policy above, we stated that we don’t share you information with anyone outside of Accounting Day, however your name and company is shared in the app for the event, a closed environment. This is considered within Accounting Education Institute. Your email address or other information is not shared by us, but can be by you.

Complaint Resolution Policy

For any issues with an event simply Contact Us for immediate resolution.