Looking for AEIcpe? You were most likely autoforwarded to here.
Our company and domain name is AccountingEducationInstitute.com
This a lot to type so we have the shorter domain name of AEIcpe.com. This
auto-forwards to here and is the domain name for our email, much easier to type.
We go by the short name AEI but this, by itself, is very popular in the business and internet world, thus the AEIcpe.

What does AccountingEducationInstitute (AEI) do?
This site provides educational materials and webinars both for free and paid in the following areas:

  • Excel
  • Accounting & Auditing (A&A) topics
  • Other accounting and tax related topics
  • Fraud
  • Ethics
  • Professional development
  • Internal Control

We also provide:

  • Live education events such as AccountingDay
  • Online education webinars

AEI has been doing live events for over 10 years and the online education phase is started in late 2019 and will be ramping up in 2020.