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Excel – Working with Large and Multi-File Spreadsheets

Registration Fee – $49

June 16, 2021 – 10:00 am – 12:00 Noon PST –  (2.0 CPE)
Level: Basic – Basic/Intermediate
Prerequisites: A good understanding of Excel basics
Advance Preparation: None
Field of Study: Technical
Presented by:  Jim Colville, CPA Retired, CFE
Handout Materials: All files and notes available for download. See below


How did that spreadsheet get so large and now I spend more time fighting with it that working with it? We can have over 1 million rows and up to 256 columns and we’re continuously tackling larger and larger spreadsheets.

  • Navigation and selecting features and tricks
  • Large spreadsheet with tons of rows and columns.
  • Many of ranges on a single sheet or across worksheets
  • Multiple-Excel files projects and file linking
  • Cell linking, sheet linking, range linking, file linking, consolidation
  • Concepts in building Menu pages, just click to “jump to”
  • Drop downs and other form controls
  • Hyperlinks, the good, the bad, the ugly.
  • Those pesky duplicates
  • Quickly fixing the messy stuff
  • Dealing with blank rows and columns
  • Dealing with blank cells, cells filled with spaces, cells containing text that look like numbers

All the files used in presenting these topics will be available for download. The files will contain instructions on how to use the concept which includes the presenter’s notes.  The files will remain available online for about two weeks after the webinar.