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AEI curates top accounting & finance experts with real world experience who deliver real world insight.


Advantages to Partnership with AEI & Becoming an AEI Expert

Accounting Education Institute is the go-to place for experience based accounting education and we’re always looking for top-level accounting professionals with in-depth experience in specific accounting and finance topics.

Expert Status

The Accounting Education Institute is curates top talent in the accounting and finance industry. AEI experts are known for their knowledge and experience.

More Sales, More Income

Sell your digital and information products through the Accounting Education Institute platform. Grow your brand and grow your business.

Speaking Opportunities

Accounting Education Institute experts are given an early opportunity to speak at AEI events, including Accounting Day.


Our goal is to bring the very best of experience based accounting education first to accounting and finance professionals and second to business owners. Let’s work together to do that while growing your business and the impact of AEI.

Expert Application

  • Give us a quick bio of yourself as well as how you would like to partner with AEI and what you would like to offer the AEI community.

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