AEI is always looking for speakers and presenters and encourage those professionals to offer their topics, professional background and experience.

Live Speakers and webinar presenters have the same basic requirements. In this site the term speaker refers to both live speakers and webinar presenters unless otherwise noted. The term event refers to a live seminar or conference or a webinar.

Inquire to be a speaker
Use the following link which is basically providing us with your topic title, subtitle, if any, and a narrative about the topic and you.

Once we decide to move forward with you, then a full course description is needed. This is required to begin marketing your topic. It may be updated or revised at any time up to about 30 days prior to the event. Minor revisions may be made up to five before the event.

Your PowerPoint presentation and other handout material, if any. This is due 14 days before the event. Changes can be made up to five days before the event. Minor changes that don’t effect the PPT as a handout, it may not be necessary to update the PPT with us.

Reality Check
You have a great idea for your topic and can’t wait to share it with others as a speaker. But what can you expect as to attendance? Our annual live event has 15 years of experience with 35 session on that day. AEI has 10 years experience with webinars. What we have learned is that the attendance for a particular speaker or topic is total unpredictable. We have had great topics that we just knew were going to popular, with very dismal attendance and topics that just knew would be snoozers and had overflow attendance.

We recently had a very high profile webinar speaker present very a timely topic and A&A topic and had five people register and three people actually attend. The same speaker drew over 200 shortly after.

For new speakers and certain topics, one key is to do many events. This will create a following and have great results down the road.