AEI’s offers great website services focused on the accounting and related professions. Specifically, we help you create a great website at prices that are affordable and in line with the benefit received. We have noted that most all the website services offer and promise a lot of benefits, however, most all of those services are not really used by you. In other words, you purchased a lot of benefits but after awhile you are either no longer using those services or they aren’t living up to the original promises. In other words, you’re no longer receiving benefits in line with the amounts being paid.

What we offer is 100% personal services to support both your business and website. You pay a nominal amount for the website design and/or setup and the additional changes or updates are performed at no charge or nominal fee if the changes are substantial. What much do we charge for minor otherwise periodic changes. First, you have total access your site and can make the changes yourself. The interface is simple and easy to use and it takes less time to make the change than it does to write the email to us for the change. However, based on your preference, simple let us know of the changes and we’ll make them immediately, again at no cost to you. Obviously, there may be a charge for substantial revisions.